There Is Never A Doubt With Electroswitch Series 24 Switches!

    Monday, October 13th, 2014 - 8:00 AM

CSI Utility Sales is proud to represent Electroswitch and their industry leading lock-out relays, breaker control switches and selector switch product lines. Electroswitch builds these outstanding switches centered on their reliable Series 24 platform. The Series 24 has over 65 years of field proven operation serving the rigors of military and power switching applications. With millions of switches in operation today, utilities rely upon the Series 24 to protect personnel from injury, prevent circuit breaker and transformer failures, and preserve mission critical circuits.

The attachment below illustrates the numerous benefits of the Series 24 platform that sets it apart from all others. For more information or to see a demonstration, please contact our office at (517) 627-4971 or you can request our visit by sending us an email at anytime.

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